Alex McCabe

web designer • font-end developer • occasional vodka connoisseur

    • Launch More

      After refurbishment of the offices and reception areas of the building, it was requested that I build a system to allow key information to be displayed around the building.

      Using an electronic signage application to show a webpage on the TV's, I created a mini-CMS and front-end to display simple pieces of information in a nicely designed way.

      The link provided is a prototype of the finished version.

    • Amulet Hotkey Internal Information System

      Xibo • CodeIgniter • Front-End Design

    • Launch More

      Amulet Hotkey hired me to be their resident Web Designer / Web Developer. What you see here are the results of many discussions, wireframes and prototypes to figure out not just what they wanted, but what they needed.

      The front end is HTML5 and CSS3 which degrades gracefully, with a bit of Modernizr to trick the older browsers up. The back end is built on the PHP framework, CodeIgniter

    • Amulet Hotkey

      website design • front-end development • back-end development

    • Launch More

      Mike Dawe needed a simple easy to manage, yet pleasing website for his accountancy business. He had a limited budget, so to save time I used Wordpress for the back-end and Twitter Bootstrap for the basic styles. Easy.

      Twitter Bootstrap is a great resource as it allows a site to be style pretty quickly, though it is not without it's problems. When in a pinch, I recommend using it.

      Unfortunately, he has requested it to be taken offline now.

    • MD Accountancy

      twitter bootstrap • wordpress • front-end design

    • Launch More

      Xandesigns (said zandesigns) was my old website. I built it to showcase my work, both web and digital art. This version of the site is about 4 years old, and still looks good.

      I have decided that a more personal site is necessary, hence, though xandesigns still exists to show some off my older work.

      Oh, and another reason I am changing it; no one could ever say xandesigns correctly. So that's x an designs?

    • Xandesigns

      website design • front-end development • back-end development

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